Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello Everyone, I'm back!
The last time I posted to my blog was a whole year ago, when I posted this same invitation for the 4th of July artshow last year!  I went through some positive transitions and staying in Santa Barbara afterall.  After taking a break from the the Santa Barbara Arts & Crafts show for over a year, I'm back at it again! After 19 years of it, I thought I'd retire, but realized just how much I missed the art scene with all the other artist and all the people I meet from all over the world.
So, most Sunday's weather permitting, you can find me down there. I'm not in any permanent spot at this time, so just look for me under the bright red umbrella.
So without further ado, here's another invitation and another chance to enjoy all kinds of artsy stuff from local artists before the fireworks in a beautiful tranquil environment.  We're located just a couple blocks from the Mission. (see all the details below)  Look for me in the nice shaded area in the carport.
Happy Solstice and I hope to see you there or one of these Sunday's on Cabrillo!