Friday, March 9, 2012

Retired from the Cabrillo Art show after 20 years!

 After 20 years at the Cabrillo Arts & Crafts Show I’ve decided to retire! And what a long long trip it has been. It wasn’t something that I decided over night, but instead I hung in there for over a year until I had no doubt that it was the right decision.  Actually, my last Sunday there was in the beginning of December 2011 and it’s taken me this long to share this fairly big news in my art career. I guess it just hadn’t really hit me yet, that I’m really not going down there anymore, so I’ve been putting off updating my blog with this news. 

I’ve been enjoying this new freedom immensely and being able to take off on weekend trips and not being held hostage to the show every Sunday for 20 years has been wonderful to say the least.  

This artshow had been a wonderful part of my life with so many special memories, not to mention the income I made over all those years.  When the economy had seen better days, I made enough money from selling on Sundays to get back into real estate. I do miss my artists’ friends and meeting hundreds of people from all over the world, not to mention it is the perfect place for people watching.  I miss this aspect greatly, but I do go down to visit from time to time.

When one door closes, other doors open and they already have.  My work is being represented at the Santa Barbara Arts in La Arcadia Plaza, and Gallery 113.  I’ll also be showing through the Westlake Artist Guild and the Santa Barbara Art Association. I'll still look forward to doing outdoor shows from time to time. If you don’t get to see my work at any of these places, you can always find me at my website and Etsy Shop.  So, if there is still any of you out there still looking for me down there, you're not going to find me.   (  :

The very last known photo of Lynn Fogel at her booth at the Santa Barbara Arts & Crafts Show.
 "Circa 2011"

 Mick, Charlene and Jimmy are some of my artist buddies.  I am getting teary eyed now just looking at some of my photos of all my good times down there.  They are family to me in so many ways.

 This is the end of my chapter at the beach show.