Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gallery 113 Exhibit

My reception last Thursday as part of the 1st Thursday Artwalk went very well!  Many showed up including friends and past clients.  I tried to talk to everyone who came to my area and by the end of the evening my jaw was sore from talking and smiling.  After only an hour of people coming through, I sold my largest painting in my display!  The title is "Santorini Island", which is 30" x 40". You can see it below to the bottom far right.

I am replacing that now empty space with another large one (below) called "Succulents by the Shore", 24" x 48",  which won an honorable mention at the Westlake Artist Guild Exhibition last month.

This exhibit along with several others at the gallery will be hanging until Saturday, June 2.  I will be working there on that day from when the gallery opens at 11:00 to closing at 5:00 p.m., just in case you'd like to stop by.  The address is 1114 State Street located in the picturesque La Arcada Courtyard area.