Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paintings Now on the Walls at Cottage Hospital

 The time has finally come!  The new Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara is complete (at least the first phase) and eleven of my paintings are hanging permanently around the hospital.  I attended the artist's reception and with the help of a very kind and helpful volunteer, I was able to locate all eleven of my paintings at this enormous hospital with three floors.  

What makes me the happiest about all of this is that my paintings will be hanging on these walls for many generations to come for all the enjoy and to offer inspiration, hope and healing in this institution.  

Here are a few below. To see all eleven of them, please also see my previous posting. Also, at the very bottom here, there is a chart I put together upon request of the locatoin within the hospital of all of them.

Here's the "Mission Fountain" in the Main Lobby entrance.  If you walk on the left side of the lobby through the corridor and towards the elevators you'll see it on your right.

 Here's the "Barnsdall Rio Service Station", located at A1265, Ridley-Tree on the first floor.

Here's "Sailing in Santa Barbara" and "Cabrillo Boulevard" located in 2265 Conference Room, Ridley-Tree on the 2nd floor.  This conference room is exclusively for the doctors.

 Here's "Spanish Hacienda", located next to the elevator at 3EL, Junipero on the 3rd floor.

Here's "Meridian Studios" at A111, Oak Park on the 1st floor.

Here's the "Mission Courtyard" and the "Arlington Theatre" at the cafeteria on the 1st floor.  This location has tremendous exposure since this cafeteria is open to the public and these paintings are right at the entrance. When you enter the cafeteria, there's another one of mine titled "The Santa Barbara Courthouse" on the back wall.  The nice man in the picture is my friend Dr. Andrew Mester who was there for the very first viewing and was kind enough to send me this picture.

And here is the "Santa Barbara Airport Terminal" located in the Radiology Waiting room on the 1st floor.

And here I am with my happy and very proud mom (Joan) who I love so much.

Upon request, I put below the locations of all my paintings although it still is hard to find them because the hospital is like a maze!