Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A BIG Milestone - 11 Paintings Selected for the New Cottage Hospital

This will be my most recent milestone and my biggest one yet!  Last year I was one of the artists selected on the Central Coast to have my paintings grace the walls of the new Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital that is currently under construction.  Its doors will open in late December 2011, if all goes as scheduled. As I write this my paintings are currently being reproduced into large Giclee prints that will be beautifully framed and hung in the lobby, corridors, patient and conference rooms.  
To have my work on public display and have the recognition and all that this may lead to could be significant.  To have my paintings on display and to be a contribution of evoking messages of hope and healing for patients, visitors and staff of this institution for so many years to come (even after I’m gone) is the greatest gift of all for me.  It hasn’t all completely hit me yet, but at the end of this year it will be one of the happiest times in my art career.
In the following are eleven Santa Barbara scenes that were selected.

Barnsdall Rio Grande Service Station

Spanish Hacienda

Santa Barbara Airport Terminal

Courtyard at the Santa Barbara Mission

The Courthouse of Santa Barbara

Cabrillo Boulevard

Sailing in Santa Barbara

The Arlington Theatre

Mission Fountain

Meridian Studios Reflections

The Mission of Santa Barbara

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  1. That is so cool. Congratulations! It is such an honor to be selected and your paintings are so beautiful I can see why they were! I found your prints on Etsy and came over to check out your website and blog. Really terrific! Keep up the great work!