Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nautical Prism and its evolution

Walking along the seashore in Gloucester, Massachusetts back in 1987  with camera in hand, I discovered an inlet that lead me back to a secluded mysterious cove.  In this cove were these old rustic boats huddled together against the dock, beckoning me to take their picture.

Here is the original photograph (with paint all over it, not knowing I'd ever use it again!) which was the inspiration for what is today my signature piece.  Who would have known?

Years later in 1993 when I came back to my native land, Santa Barbara, from the east coast,  I dug out this picture (the one above with the paint all over it) and decided to paint it, using my “artistic license” to bring those old dilapidated boats back to life.  There happened to be an Art Exhibition called Semana Nautica, with the theme of everything nautical and this painting was perfect. So I entered my painting not knowing that it was also an art competition.  After dropping off the painting  I was in the middle of moving, did some traveling and was unable to be reached by the exhibition committee.  When they finally reached me they congratulated me and I asked "what for, in which I was informed that I was the first place winner and they were trying to contact me.  There was a crowd of about a couple hundred  applauding while looking for me.
Although I was absent in receiving my ribbon, money prize and my 15 minutes of fame, I had gained further recognition and a further demand for this painting.  The original sold immediately and over the years has still remained my signature piece.  After years of it's popularity with the boats tied up to the dock, it had evolved to another painting without the dock.

Here's is my first version which won the award.

Below is my most current version of Nautical Prism which leaves more to the viewer's imagination.  All the boats seemed to be floating to some unknown mysterious place that depending on who's viewing them, will have their own story.  This painting remains today one of my most liked, especially for both male and females.  I jokingly call it my unisex painting, because most of the time when there is a couple deciding on a painting together, it's usually one person isn't as crazy about a painting as the other one is.  But this painting almost always appeals to both of them.

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