Friday, August 19, 2011

My very first Art Show, circa 1990

The year was about 1990 when I had my very first art show in Rockport, Massachuetts where I was living at the time. It was in a little harbor and port called Rockynook.  I have so many fond memories of living there.  It felt like I had gone back in time a hundred years because almost everything is so old and traditional, all over the east coast for that matter, compared to my hometown, Santa Barbara.  But I loved it there in so many ways and in spite of the frigid cold winters,  I lasted nine years back there, which is a long time for a California girl.  

Without further ado, here I am at my very first art show. Notice the subject matter I used to paint of New England compared to what I paint now.  Back then it was lots of lighthouses, tug boats and country type subjects. I also notice that even back then I was attracted to painting architecture like I do today!

Just so you can get a feel for my surroundings, look at this wonderful tranquil place.

Below, you will see that I was very influenced by my surroundings in what I painted at the time.  All were done in pastel, which was my medium. I couldn't tell you how many boats and lighthouses I painted but it was many of them.

And last but not least, below is my very first painting I ever sold.  And surprisingly it was not of a lighthouse for tugboat!  It was from my pure imagination.  To this day whenever I look at it I’m looking for some little critter to come out of one of the bushes or something.  I don’t remember what inspired me or what I was thinking, but I believe it just came out intuitively and through my feelings.  I sold it for $250, which was not bad for back then and for my first painting.  I remember being very attached to it getting very emotional parting with it. I didn’t even have my signature on it, which never dawned on me to even sign any of them. My customer kindly reminded me to sign it and off it went, with only this picture to remember it by.  That’s how clueless I was, but I was still in the learning stage of a lot of things in not only developing my skills as an artist but also learning the art biz.

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