Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Recorded Drawings

I may as well start by showing you my first (recorded) drawings and get that out of the way. Actually, looking at them now I find them cute and endearing.  I approximate the time of somewhere between 1977 and 1980 because I remember giving these little pencil drawings to my dad before I lived on the  East Coast in the early eighty’s.  To this day they are still on his walls nicely framed because that’s what parents do.  I’ve noticed that even back then I was drawn (pun intended) towards architectural and straight line drawing.  I'm glad that over the years I’ve loosened up and paint nature and many other curvy things, and I can't imagine not using color so I'm sure these were some of  my last black and white drawings. If you haven’t been to my website to see where I am now, you need to in order to see how I’ve evolved, although if you do the math, it’s taken me many years!

I especially like the old fancy car (don’t recall the model).  Don't ask why I drew that couch, chairs, TV, etc. Maybe I was just working on my drawing skills.

And the one below, I was obviously already living on the East Coast when I did this one, and actually there’s a little one just below it too. They were done in my pastel days.  For the first 10 years of painting pastels were my choice of mediums.

Living  in Rockport, Massachusetts I painted mainly lighthouses,  tugboats and other  New England subjects which you will see in my post coming up, along with my very first art show!.

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